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Senator Lorraine R. Inouye

Hawaii Medical Association is thankful for Senator Inoyues efforts to pass SB 1035

Hawaii Legislature PASSES SB 1035, General Excise Tax exemption!

May 1, 2024, will be remembered as a historic day by our medical community, as the Hawaii State Legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 1035. This measure exempts hospitals, infirmaries, medical clinics, health care facilities, pharmacies, and medical and dental providers from General Excise Tax on goods and services that are reimbursed through Medicare, Medicaid or TRICARE.

Present at the event were Dr K Withy (UH) and Dr J Lewin (SHPDA). From the dental community we had HDA President Rachel DiPasquale and Joseph Mayer who came too. Other attendees included Dr Jerry Garcia (Anesth, Pain) of the Philippine Medical Assoc of Hawaii (PMAH), Dr Laeton Pang (Rad Onc), Dr B Robinson (Neurosurg), Dr A Pratt (Ob Gyn, HMA Immediate Past President) and Dr D Parsa (Pl Surg).

We are deeply grateful for all your hard work for the health of our Hawaii citizens.






Scott Grosskreutz

Hawaii has a severe shortage of healthcare professionals .  Senator Lorraine Inouye introduced SB1035 to exempt the healthcare of Medicare , Medicaid and TriCare patients from GET taxation.  The successful passage of this bill will increase the number of doctors, dentists and nurses able to care for our kupuna, economically disadvantaged and military veterans and their families on the Big Island.  Mahalo Nui Aloha to the Senator for looking out for our local communities!

Eric Tanouye

Senator Inouye has always been a strong advocate for Hawaii agriculture. With the challenges our growers are facing from invasive species to climate change, we need her experience, and the network she’s built to get things done for Hawaii ag moving forward.

State Senate President Ron Kouchi

State Senator Lorraine Inouye is well respected at the Legislature because of her strong values and integrity. We can always count on Lorraine to guide us in the right direction when faced with tough decisions.”

Dana Goya, PhD

Senator Lorraine Inouye cares deeply about education and has been incredibly supportive of schools in the districts she has served. She has donated supplies, endorsed teacher projects, and sponsored many visits for students and teachers to the Capitol. Senator Inouye is sensitive to the needs of our community and her commitment to our youth and their success is admirable.

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