Charmaine Kamaka

Retired County Administrator

❝ I have known and worked with Lorraine Inouye when she served as a Council member, Mayor and State Senator. She possesses a first-hand knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges facing our island. ❞

Ron Kouchi

Senator Ron Kouchi

State Senate President

❝ Senator Lorraine Inouye is well respected at the Legislature because of her strong values and integrity. We can always count on Lorraine to guide us in the right direction when faced with tough decisions. ❞

William Takaba

former County Managing Director

❝ I served as Lorraine’s finance director when she was the Mayor of Hawaii County in the early 90s.  What I remember most about Lorraine was her genuine commitment to improving the quality of life for residents of the Big Island.  Lorraine stood for honesty and truth and made sure everyone who worked for her did the same.   As our senator, Lorraine continues to show the kind of leadership and integrity that we all look for and want in our leaders – she does not compromise her values; she listens to the needs of constituents, and she gets the job done. 


Barbara Hastings

Let's recognize that Lorraine Inouye is an important asset to Hawaii Island, indeed, to the whole state.  She knows how to work with others to reach goals, particularly in her dedication to beefing up the state’s transportation infrastructure 

Elaine Johnson

❝ For the past 20 years, I have been honored and lucky to know Lorraine Rodero Inouye. As a 27-year Big Island resident, I have witnessed Lorraine working tirelessly for all the people of this island. Her compassion, determination and willingness to tackle the hard jobs are skills we need in the Legislature. Let’s be sure to keep Lorraine in the State Senate. Vote Inouye – District 4! 

Eric Tanouye

Eric Tanouye

CEO/Owner, Green Point Nursery

❝ I would like to encourage my fellow Big Island community members to
support our State Senator, Lorraine Inouye. She serves as the Chair of Transportation
and Energy and a member of other key committees, such as Ways and Means
and Water and Land. Her proven leadership has earned her these positions.
We must allow her to continue her work on our behalf. 


Ed Teixeira

Former Civil Defense Administrator

" With Lorraine's demonstrated leadership, I am confident that she will continue to work to keep our people of Hawai'i, and visitors safe and secure.  I trust her to do right thing.❞

Dr. Billy Bergin 2018_Nancy Erger Photo

Dr. Billy Bergin

Veterinarian, Waimea

❝ Senator Lorraine Inouye’s upbringing on the island during the height of the sugar industry is an integral factor in the values by which she has lived and led.❞


Richard Ha

Agricultural Entrepreneuer

❝ I’ve known Sen Lorraine Inouye since Hilo High School. I’ve observed her as our council member, as Hawaii Island Mayor and now as our state senator. She is helpful, extremely easy to talk to and has never forgotten where she came from. She has a solid record of accomplishment on behalf of her constituents. I trust her. 

Cassie Lee

Cassie Lamson Lee

Educator, Hilo

❝ Senator Lorraine Inouye listens to people and she genuinely cares about their families, the history they have in Hawaii, and what they envision this island to be. ❞


Lincoln Ashida

Former County Corporation Counsel

❝ As a former Hawai’i County prosecutor heading the sex crimes unit, and then the County’s longest-serving top civil attorney, I have worked with Sen. Inouye both on County and State business and legislation to make our community safer. Lorraine is a quick study, understands the challenges families face and is no-nonsense about transparency and accountability. Her experience as a former Council member and Mayor help her to more effectively craft policy legislation to benefit her constituents. ❞


Steven Handy Sr.

East Hawaii Subways

❝ Wow! Lorraine Inouye is up for re-election. Wish I could be in her district to give her my vote because I consider her one of the best. Hard worker, dedicated and is open-minded to all viewpoints. As a retired airline executive, I particularly want to see the transfer of airport management and oversight from the State Department of Transportation to the pending legislation creating an Airport Authority, which Lorraine supports. I strongly endorse her for re-election. 


Jim McCully

McCully Works

Leadership: “As a member of the Kanoelehua Industrial Area Association (KIAA) and a concerned Hilo resident, I’ve been active at the legislature for the past 10 years. Lorraine has always been there to help. As a Senate Chair and an influential member of various committees, Lorraine knows how to get things done.
In our attempts to improve Banyan Drive and the Kanoelehua industrial area, Lorraine has been a strong proponent and tireless in her efforts. She knows the problems and the solutions better than anyone, after all she introduced the very first bills to ever address these problems. If we are going to solve these problems Lorraine will surely be at the center of the process.”

Experience: “As an experienced and savvy legislator Lorraine knows who is responsible on any issue, who needs to be involved to solve a problem, and how to bring all those people together. That is her legislative strength which takes years to build those contacts and relationships and it is to our benefit that she continues to serve our island and our state.”

Trust: “Everyone at the Capitol respects Lorraine's work ethic and her word. As a key member of the majority she has the ear of leadership and can make sure that Hawaii Island is given a fair and full hearing.”

David F

David Fuertes

Farmer, Rancher, Retired Teacher, Kohala

“ Senator Inouye has always supported agriculture and the needs of our island's farmers and ranchers. Lorraine works hard and is a leader I trust ”

Nancy Cabral

Nancy Cabral

Day-Lum Properties

“Lorraine works really hard for us.   She is not in office for her own agenda, but to represent and fight for the people of Hawaii Island.  We need Lorraine to stay in the Senate where she is respected and trusted by all for her dedication to the job.  Vote for Lorraine Inouye as our senator for district 4, and keep experience and honesty at work for Hawaii Island. ❞


Robert Duerr

Hawaii Fishing News & Treasurer, Big Island Press Cluveterinarian, Waimea

❝ Not only is Senator Lorraine Inouye my neighbor, she is my go-to legislator.  Lorraine is leadership. When the Big Island Press Club (BIPC) needed help with important freedom of the press legislation to offset Act 111, Lorraine was there to help.  She recognized that transparency and a free press are the cornerstones of democracy.  After a strong lobbying effort, Senator Inouye was able to get our bill passed.  For all of her support, the  BIPC honored Senator Inouye with the Torch of Light trophy.❞


Christine Kim

Orchid Grower, Hāmākua

❝ Senator Lorraine Inouye’s unremitting commitment to serve us with integrity and her true spirit of aloha inspires me to be a better leader.❞

Patti Cook

❝ Lorraine runs circles around me. In fact, she runs circles around many of us, and her energy is matched by her dedication to the needs of her district and the entire state. She wants to find solutions to address the issues that keep people awake at night…worrying about their children, their jobs, what the future holds. She pays attention. She remembers names and concerns. cx And she has relationships in the Senate, House and throughout the state that help her get people to work together, secure needed funding and make changes in laws. She has my vote. ❞


Art Taniguchi

❝ Lorraine is a champion for the people, our island and State. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years and have always known her to be very approachable and sincerely listens to peoples’ concerns and challenges. Her selfless dedication to public service is unparalleled and has represented us in the State Senate very well. I strongly support her for re-election to the State Senate  

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