March 2018 Legislative Update

Session 2018…

This session is proving to be very fast-paced. By the time you receive this, the Senate should be hearing House bills and contemplating conference.

I continue to balance my role as Chair of the Senate Transportation and Energy (TRE) Committee, weighing the needs of my committee and the needs of my constituency. I spent part of the interim attending energy seminars and conferences to learn more about the ever-changing landscape of this issue. I am also a member of the Water and Land and the Ways and Means Committees. Our staff has been busy managing our workload and are pictured on the back page. We appreciate all the calls and emails to our office and hope we served you knowledgeably and respectfully.

The intent of this newsletter is to give you an idea of my priorities this session, the Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) that we are requesting for our district, and a glimpse of some of the people with whom we have had the honor to work. Please continue to participate in the legislative process by calling our office with your concerns or comments and submitting testimony on bills about which you feel strongly.

Read the March 2018 Newsletter pdf here