2018 Legislature Highlights

Senator Inouye Puts Your Vision Into Action

❝ I am proud of and grateful to my colleagues in the State Senate for listening to my constituents needs and vision - and committing to making a difference in our communities by taking positive action during the 2018 legislative session. We got so much done for our children, families, especially women, kupuna, the environment, cultural awareness and a sustainable future. And most importantly, we did it with aloha. Even in moments of intense passion, we found ways to resolve our differences with respect for each other and our unique communities. ❞

Health & Quality of Life

☑ “Our Care, Our Choice” bill signed into law. “I call this ‘“Sandy’s Bill” – it took more than 15 years to secure passage – it was the right thing to do.”

☑ Revised law to ensure that home-bound adults are able to secure updated identification documents as needed, even in rural areas of Hamakua and other remote locations around the state.

☑ Stricter controls on sales of cigarettes and vaping products.

☑ $500,000 Grant In Aid (GIA) for North Hawai’i Community Hospital Emergency Room ERA Expansion.

Agriculture & Sustainability

☑$50,000 GIA for North Kohala’s Kahua Pa’a Mua’s youth education and sustainable agriculture training programs.

☑ $200,000 Grant in Aid for Hawai’i Tropical Fruit Growers.

☑ $175,000 GIA for Friends of NELHA.

☑$100,000 GIA for the Big Island Resource Conservation and Development Council for The Marine and Mammal Center in Puako.

Education & Keiki

☑ $1.9 million Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding to buy land for Waikoloa public library.

☑$1.6 million CIP to try to buy the vacant lot next to Waimea schools and post office for student-family-teacher-community safety.

☑ $1.5 million CIP to redo entry to Thelma Parker Library & Gym and parking for Waimea Elementary School.

☑ $295,000 GIA for Waimea Middle School STEAM technology program.

☑ $210,000 for Hamakua Youth Foundation programs

Lorraine Kalani Donovan
in action
WAM-Kohala Institute (3)


☑ Passed a ban on toxic sunscreens to protect our environment and reefs.

☑ $800,000 to combat Funding for Rapid ‘Ohi’a Death research and Little Fire Ants, education/detection/eradication including a staff position for LFA in West Hawai’i.

☑ $100,000 for People’s Advocacy For Trails Hawai’i (PATH) programs

Families & Ohana

☑ Saved the bill to increase the number of social workers on Hawai’i Island to better support foster children and families. Hawai’i Island’s foster care programs are in crisis due to extremely high caseloads; Secured funding for a five-year pilot to increase the number of social workers and require annual accountability reports to track progress.

☑ Secured confidentiality program to help survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking.

☑ $100,000 for Family Support Services of West Hawai’i


☑ $200 million added to the Rental Housing Trust Fund to build approx. 1,600 affordable rental units, plus several other bills to increase the availability of affordable housing and address homelessness statewide.

☑$250,000 GIA for Kahilu Theatre facilities safety improvements.

☑$1.1 million GIA for Kailapa Community Association in Kawaihae for a community resource center and disaster shelter.

☑ Funding for New West Hawai’i Lieutenant position for the Department of Public Safety’s Sheriff Division; previously only one on island in Hilo leaving West Hawai’i gravely underserved and forced to fly in sheriffs from Maui (a horrendously expensive, time-consuming option).

☑ $265,00 GIA for Habitat for Humanity

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