Her Priorities

Senator Inouye is committed to continuing to advocate for:

  • Healthy Meals For All Children: Funding or other options to provide daily breakfast and lunch for all Hawai’i public charter school students, including access to free/reduced meals for low-income families. This would benefit thousand's of  Hawai’i Island keiki.
  • Kupuna Care: Securing continued funding, training and other services to ensure elders are honored and comfortable. 
  • Truly Affordable Housing: Increasing neighbor island ‘Ohana housing options.
  • Better Airports, Better Economy: Establishing an Airport Authority to significantly upgrade safety, security, accessibility, and convenience at all 15 Hawai’i airports at no cost to Hawai’i taxpayers. This supports local employment.
  • Neighbor Island Equity: Securing a State law change to ensure at least one seat on the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is a neighbor island resident.
  • Slowing Global Warming: Establishing battery storage tax credits to expand solar and reduce global warming to help achieve Hawai’i’s 2045 commitment to a zero-emissions clean economy.
  • Supporting Better, More Diverse Employment: Re-introducing vocational training programs into our public schools in addition to supporting 21st century STEAM programs. Also, support “Early College” to reduce the cost of college and improve the pay received by entry-level employees.
  • Improved Access To Our Parks: Assisting the Waimea community in securing planning and construction funds for parking within Ulu La’au Waimea Nature Park.
  • Invasive Species Response: Supporting the interagency Hawai’i Biosecurity Plan and continued funding to address rat lungworm disease, Little Fire Ants,  Rapid ‘Ohi’a Death and other nasty invasives. 
  • Protecting Our Special Places: Securing funding to plan and construct long needed parking and restrooms at the overlook of Pololu Valley.

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